Ode to a Badger

Let me tell you about a place

Not far from Earls Court Station

A meeting point, a funky joint

For many a different nation.

See Liz and Ken stand at the door

With a warm and friendly welcome

And once they’ve booked those poor sods in

Then only God can help them.

Your first night may be scary

As you try to settle down

But look around, you’ll find your ground

Coz everyone’s a clown.

They’re all the same,

they play the game

I’m sure you’ll soon discover

So don’t complain when it gets insane

Just run and dive for cover.

I’ve been there when it’s quiet

And many times when it’s loud

I’ve been there Sunday mornings

When some folk are not so proud

And many good times you’ll have believe

When drinking you’ll be off it

Enjoy your stay, both night and day

And your mind is sure to profit.

I’ve seen some come and seen some go

And some have stayed for ages

I’ve witnessed mayhem at first hand

Through many stages

Of in the ins and outs, the pros and cons

The good times and the bad

And all the time there’s Liz and Ken

Your surrogate Mum and Dad.